Woody with a water note

Type: half way between glamour and minimalism



Base note
cashmere wood, patchouli, ambergris,
Head note
lemon, mandarin, sea notes,
Heart note
orange blossom, cinnamon, oak moss,

He discreetly lifts the sleeve of his tuxedo to glance at the golden dial of his watch. He's meeting her in 15 minutes in the hall, although the orchestra will keep playing. It’s going to be difficult for him to walk unnoticed - he's a handsome man in his prime, who oozes an extraordinary aura; a blend of combination of mandarin, lemon and sea tones fabulously prelude the elegant interior of the fragrance. The exotic orange blossom, cinnamon and oak moss become perceptible after a short moment. The richness of cashmere wood, patchouli, amber and musk sound long after he quietly left the platinum loge box of the opera house. Pure 462 balance between glamour and minimalism.